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1:1 Lessons & 1:1 Yoga Therapy

We are all so beautifully different and ever changing and can get more from a short, daily, yoga practice carefully designed for and evolving with, our own specific needs.

1:1 Yoga Lessons

 What is it all about?

In lessons I create a safe Yoga practice for you, which I draw up and you take home to practice. Your practice will be specially designed for you and takes into account body type, physical ability, your constitution, mental and emotional needs as well as any current health concerns.

You practice regularly at home and we review the practice every few weeks. Practices evolves with time.  Maximum benefit comes from the cumulative effect of daily practice and so there is an expectation to make space to practice regularly.

We use mindful movement infused with breath, breath practices and sound. They are all meditative, holistic, mind-body practices that work on every aspect of being.

Individual tuition is designed to enable and support a student to establish a personal yoga practice that they do independently, to maintain or improve health & wellbeing. Practice is like internal  'Life' Support !

My original training is in the tradition of TKV Desikachar which means I am specially trained in the art of teaching 1:1 yoga, sometimes referred to as the 'viniyoga of yoga'. 'Viniyoga' is not a 'brand' of yoga  but is technically speaking ' the application of yoga to individuals’.  It’s a form or Hatha & Raja yoga traditionally taught and tailored to individuals, not groups. Yoga  'Cikitsa'  is Yoga therapy and is an aspect of 1:1 teaching where practices are designed to improve well-being and can be used along side conventional medical treatments.  1:1 lessons are not a ‘yoga class’ taught to one person (although I can do that too, please see section on Private Class 1:1 below, if that's what you are looking for).

Benefits of 1:1 lessons

  • Offers support to establish your own practice.
  • Practices tailored to individual needs.
  • Gives scope to work on something in particular for health or practice development purposes.
  • Once you have  your own practice, freedom to practice anywhere, home, work, hotel room, the garden at a time that suits you.
  • Flexible lesson schedule and more cost effective than attending a weekly class.
  • The cumulative effect of yoga practiced ‘little & often’ has a significant impact on the system, physically mentally & emotional.
  • Excellent way to self manage stress.
  • Can support your weekly class.
  • Deepens your experiential understanding of yoga.
  • Do you struggle to sit to meditate? Practices take you towards stillness and cultivate your ability to sit.

Suggested Lesson format

  • A Free initial half hour consultation to discuss your requirements and format of lessons.
  • First lesson is 1hr 30mins and after initial information gathering, I will guide you through a practice tailored specifically to your needs ensuring you are comfortable with it.
  • The practice will be drawn for you to take and, practice at home. It will be about 20-25 minutes long.
  • My suggestion is 6 lessons initially (3 lessons & 3 short review lessons).
  •  Students practice at home aiming for 4-6 times a week, to ensure noticeable benefit from practice.
  • Confidentiality is always observed.

Costs For 1:1 Yoga Lessons

Close up of stones and burning candle
Initial Lesson

1½hrs - £75*

Face to face or Zoom meeting gathering information & creating, practicing and drawing up a personal practice, to take with you,

track path on sand beach to sun at sunset
1hr Lessons


Face to face or Zoom meeting Creating, practicing and drawing up a personal practice for you to take home.

Set of white candles over grey stone background with copy space
½ hr Review Lesson


Face to face or Zoom meeting. Observation and review of current practice.

Cost of 6 lessons


6 lessons (3 lessons 3 reviews) Lessons can be paid individually one lesson in advanced.


Discount for advanced payment and commitment to 6 lessons.  £230* for block of 6

Cancellation charge applies if lesson cancelled within 24hrs. *Costs are when I work from home OR on Zoom.  I will add £5 per lesson towards room rental where required.


Private Class 1:1

£50 an hour

Available for Individuals or small private groups who cannot or don't want to join a group class.

  • If you feel you need a little more individual attention than a class could offer.
  • 1/2 hour free consultation can still take place to discuss needs.
  • 1hr long lessons
  • Practices are person centred and accommodating of individual health needs, body types and abilities.
  • There isn't an expectation to practice at home although its always encouraged.
  • Student won't always receive a short home practice written out for them, but will often be given suggestions for home practice. 

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