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I’m a mother, yoga teacher, highland dancing teacher, a voluntary social prescriber and a scientist.  I have a passion for Yoga, lifestyle medicine and integrative approaches to health. I have practised yoga for 19 years and establish my own daily yoga practice in 2010 with the assistance of a 1:1 yoga teacher.  I still practice daily and this supports all aspects of my life.

Morven wallace

My mission in life is not just survive but to thrive and enjoy this precious gift of life. I don't always manage to do this! However, that's my aim and Yoga has improved my health and the quality of my life experience.

I was introduced to yoga by my mother in the 1980’s at 10yrs old.  I dabbled with yoga over the years but my curiosity about the deeper aspects of Yoga, Yoga as a Therapy and Yoga Philosophy, surfaced during a time of personal struggle and my own ill health, when I was looking for a deeper meaning and understanding of life.  Stress, pizza, wine, grief and unprocessed emotions took its toll on my sensitive body very early on.  In my late 20's, I developed bouts of post viral fatigue, later food intolerances, skin reactions and constant energy issues.

Having come from a family with a long list of health concerns that conventional medicine doesn’t have a quick fix for like, addiction, depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue, my own health issues terrified me. Both my parents died too young.  I saw my loved ones in pain, I felt their struggles and I saw how their spark for life dimmed and extinguished far too early. I saw how their failing health impacted the people around them.  So, I have spent most of my adult life trying to prevent history repeating itself and my curiosity about ‘yoga for health’ was what took me on my own fascinating self-healing journey.

The power of daily yoga practice, helped me heal on many levels.  Different stages in life have offered different challenges and peri-menopause presented a whole new set of health issues.   However,  personal yoga practice nurtures my faith and sustains me.  It draws me back on track and helps  me make the changes I need to have a healthier and  more fulfilling life.  Yoga (including postures, breath practices, meditation & chanting) is my tool for managing stress and underpins all the rest of my lifestyle choices.  So, thanks to Yoga and optimum nutrition, good sleep, outdoor exercise, nourishing friendships and doing the things I love,  I've once again restored my health and vitality. Yoga helps me navigate, it steers me to intuitively know what is right for me and helps me make the lifestyle choices and changes I need to make me the best version of me I can be!

I feel so grateful and privileged to have accessed ancient Yogic wisdom through my practice, studies and under the guidance of amazing teachers.  There is a growing need for these practices in todays society and so  I feel the need to pass on the teachings, to support others on their own beautiful life journey.

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Therapist


BSc (Hons) Biochemistry, Glasgow University

Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapy Practitioner Diploma, (Paul Harvey, cYs, > 500hrs)

Yoga Training recognised by CNHC and accredited by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY)

Registered Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs Teacher (Alison Trewhela, YHLB, 300hrs)

Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Uma Dinsmore Tuli, 40hrs)

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What My Students Say about Me

Steeple Morden

SM on-line group class student

Morven works with small groups in order to be able to adapt practices to individual needs. She will often know what we need before we do!! With her gentle but encouraging manner, her classes are the highlight of my day!

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